You may not be aware, but dogs are the best indoor pets. They are happiest when they can spend the most of their time indoors with their people. Dogs enjoy spending time indoors, but that doesn’t mean they never get cabin fever. Dogs need activities that challenge them mentally as well as physically since they have an intrinsic desire to explore, hunt, and stalk. We need to think of new ways to keep our dogs active indoors and mentally stimulated in order to keep them happy and healthy. Many dog breeds, such the Chihuahua, Pug, and Yorkshire Terrier, to mention a few, fare well in cramped quarters. Since they might become anxious if they feel overly confined, smaller dog breeds typically fare better in smaller homes.

easy ways entertain dog

Here are some excellent suggestions on how to keep your dog occupied indoors so that both of you remain content.

1.Create a dog play area

Dogs will have a place to go to be engaged and engage their senses more if you establish a dog playground in your home. Create a room where dogs can play indoor games such as play fetch, jump, run, and explore, or construct a small inside dog park. You may set up an indoor obstacle course for your dog so that he can exercise his innate instincts. You can find items like ramps, platforms, tunnels, steps, tyres, and other things you can use to test your dog’s agility and balance by constructing a dog playground. You can include additional playthings for your dog when building a dog playground, such as stuffed animals, balls, and other items.

2.Provide mental stimulation to your dog

Just like puppies, dogs too like mental challenges. Any dog would be happy to see their owner bring out their plush animals for some nice brain exercise. You can stimulate your dog’s brains in a variety of ways indoors. Here are some things you could do: Hide snacks all about your house. This is a fun game that trains your dog to search and destroy while also stimulating their minds and boosting confidence and attention. Complete a puzzle. An old puzzle would make a great dog toy if you have one hanging around. Additionally, there are a lot of puzzles made just for dogs. You can train your dog to think by giving him puzzles. It will assist him in creating a plan to tackle the puzzle, which will aid in his ability to reason more clearly.

3.Throw Treats for Games

Your dog’s favourite treats can be used to play many games that will stimulate his brain. Here are a few suggestions: Teach your dog to roll over. This is a classic trick that will help your dog relax. Teach your dog to shake. A lot of dogs like to do this as a greeting—it’s a great way to play with them and get them excited. There are many different ways to play with your dog with treats. With a little imagination, you’ll find that there are many different games you can play with your dog.

4.Test out fresh toys

Try out some new toys if you’ve been giving your dog the same toys for a while to mix things up a bit. There are many different dog toys available, so you can select one that gives your dog a fresh challenge. Interactive dog toys are excellent for occupying and stimulating your dog. Additionally, you might try making your own dog toys or puzzles using household items. Here are some suggestions: Tennis racquets: For fetch, these balls work great. They are lightweight, making them easy to toss, and dogs adore chewing on them. They can be tied to a rope and used to play tug of war. Kongs: These are excellent for stuffing with dog-friendly foods, such as peanut butter or biscuits. Dogs have to exert effort to pull the rewards out, which tests and stimulates their minds while keeping them busy.

5.Incorporate Combination Games

You can combine some of the traditional favourites with the new games you are playing with your dog. A variety of games can be played to keep your dog entertained and interested. Here are some suggestions: your dog’s training. Your dog will enjoy picking up new skills, and this is a fantastic indoor activity for him. Your dog can be trained to sit, stay, retrieve, and other basic tricks. a game of fetch. Fetch is a timeless game that all dogs enjoy, whether you use tennis balls or a soft dog toy. Additionally, you can practise while you play.

Give your dog more attention when you’re indoors. Play some fun activities with them or instruct them in a new skill. Dogs thrive when they engage in interactive play, which is crucial for their health and wellbeing. To keep your dog entertained, you only need a minimal amount of time and dedication; you don’t need a tonne of pricey toys or access to the outdoors.

Despite the fact that we might not be able to give them the full-time work they were intended for, we can still give them something important to do by teaching them a few simple games and tricks. And when you see your dog’s happy grin during a fast game of tug, you’ll know why they’re called man’s best friend.

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