Dog tricks are an excellent way to keep your dog mentally and physically fit physically and be an excellent way to bond with your best friend.

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning a pet is proper training. When done correctly, you are preparing your dog for a lifetime of happiness, love, and safety. Commands like sit, down, and stay can help your dog not only behave at home but also be a good canine citizen outside of the home.

It is never too late to teach your dog a new trick, contrary to popular belief. Dogs enjoy the challenge of learning new skills, as well as the inevitable treats that come with them.

If you want to train your dog, you should keep plenty of healthy treats on hand. Keep training sessions around 10 minutes long to avoid boredom in your dog, and start with the basics first.

Here are a few easy tricks you can teach your dog.

1. Roll Over

Your dog is ready to roll over once he or she has learned to sit and lie down. You can begin teaching the trick once your dog is in the down position, with its belly on the ground, paws in front, and head facing up. Place the dog treat near your dog’s nose so that he or she can smell and see it. Keep an eye out for your dog attempting to snatch the treat before performing the trick. Your dog’s head should turn to follow the treat. Move the treat so that your dog must roll onto their side to follow it, then rotate the treat so that it must roll over to keep the treat in sight.

Try it again later in the day for a 5- to 10-minute session. Your pet should eventually understand that the command and the rolling process are closely linked. You no longer need to give your pet a treat every time he or she rolls over. Always praise your dog when it does something right, and don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t seem to understand right away.

2. Shake Hands

Have your dog shake hands (or paws) with your friends when they arrive. This is a simple dog trick that most dogs can learn in a few short training sessions.

Simply have your dog sit to teach “shake hands.” Then, while saying “shake hands,” pick up their paw and give them a treat. Hold it for two seconds, then repeat “shake hands” and give them another treat. Repeat these steps until your dog lifts his paw automatically when given the command.

3. Wave

Training a dog to wave hello or goodbye is a simple and enjoyable dog trick. Begin by teaching your dog to shake his paws. You will train your dog to wave by lifting its paw in the same way that it shakes.

When they try to shake your hand, use the command “bye.” Move your hand away from your dog and wave up and down. Your dog will miss your hand and wave in the air when you pull it back. This is a wonderful attention-grabbing technique that will be adorable to observe.

4. Kiss

Portrait of a beautiful dog licking a happy man smiling outdoors

Dogs love to lick, so this can be a difficult trick to master at first. Hold a treat up to your face and kiss your dog. Move your cheek towards your dog and wait for its nose to touch your face. As soon as it does, step back and give the dog the treat before it licks you. If you do it quickly enough, your dog will learn to use its nose to gently touch you to get food.

5. Fetch

Choose a ball or toy that your dog enjoys and begin by throwing it a short distance. Most dogs will instinctively chase and pick up the ball. As soon as your dog picks up the ball, tell it to “come” and encourage it to return to you by praising it and speaking in a happy tone. When your dog approaches you, say “drop it” to get it to release the ball to you.

6. Stay

The most important command to teach your dog, “stay,” will come in handy daily. “Stay” must be taught at a young age for their own and others’ safety.

Begin by having your dog sit to teach it. Then slowly step back from your dog. If he or she approaches you, tell them “no” and have them sit. When they come to a halt, tell them to “stay.” Then give a reward and say, “Come.”

How To Train a Dog?

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