Bangalore is a dog lover’s paradise with road trips to restaurants, meet-ups, picnics, workshops, doggie birthday celebrations, and much more. Man’s best friend deserves to go on outings as well. You can be confident that this date will be the most enjoyable one you’ve ever had! 

Every Sunday, the dog park at Cubbon Park offers the backdrop for a ritzy morning event with the four-legged heroes. The humans are only the onlookers and photographers in this instance of leash-free fun and games. Be a part of the fun whether you own a dog or simply appreciate these adorable beings; the park occasionally hosts adoption drives and awareness initiatives.

Dog in Cubbon Park

They come in various sizes, shapes, and breeds and pull on leashes as their owners try to restrain them from becoming overly spirited. But the eager barking doesn’t stop as every Sunday morning, dogs of all colours come to Cubbon Park to enjoy a run in its lush setting.

Get there Early in the Morning

The Sunday Dog Park is open between 7:30 am – 1:30 pm.  If you get hungry in the morning, you can go to the nearby restaurant Konark Kanteervara for breakfast. This is one of the best cycling routes thus far.

It is recommended that all early risers visit Cubbon Park between 6:00 and 6:30 am and take a stroll through the grounds. Around 7:30 am, turn south toward the dog park from Cubbon Park. It is located across from Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, also known as the State Central Library of the park.

Rules for Dog Walkers

Dog walkers who arrive at Cubbon Park without equipment for scooping dog waste will not be allowed inside because the Horticulture Department is considering a dog ban.

The department’s proposal to ban all dogs and forbid their entry as of July 1st was met with strong opposition. Aside from being required to bring the equipment, the most recent update states that offenders will be caught, and the dog and owners’ photos will be taken and posted on a “wall of shame.”

The mandate also states that the dog’s owner is responsible for cleaning up any dog stools. The banners further urge pet owners to attach mouthguards to their animals (yep, they went too far here). Fortunately, not many dogs are spotted wearing one here.

In summary, the fundamental guidelines for dog walkers in Cubbon Park are:

  • In this area, dogs must always be wearing dog belts and being leashed by their owners.
  • Owners of pets should carry proof of their dogs’ vaccinations.
  • The owner is responsible for picking up and cleaning up any faeces as part of good hygiene.

Sundays are unique. On the other hand, dogs are not required to wear belts during the dog event on Sundays.

A Perfect Morning Date Idea for Cubbon Park

It’s safe to assume that you and your best friend enjoy the morning hours and if you have decided to visit each other at Cubbon Park on a Sunday. Here is a fun date suggestion that I came up with, keeping in mind the Sunday park, cute paws, and inexpensive restaurants:

  • On a Sunday, meet up between 7 and 7:30 a.m. Wander the park’s grounds. Wander past the enormous Vidhana Soudha, the dancing and musical fountain dome, and the rose garden.
  • Reach the dog park inside, which is located opposite the State Central Library. Considering that the dog park is open from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm, arriving on time shouldn’t be an issue. 
  • Have breakfast in any of the dog cafes nearby and enjoy with your dog.
  • Ride a bike. This is not required. But feel free to add it to your date’s to-do list if you’re a fitness or cyclist enthusiast. The Kempegowda tower, which is immediately after the park’s entrance, offers a bicycle rental service (KSDH Cycles). It’s inexpensive, but you must have an identification to rent it.

However, the most important of it all is, let your dogs losse and watch them play. It’s worth it all! 

Meet the doggos on Sunday’s Dog Park

Everyone desires a good morning. Make sure to ask the dog owners’ permission before petting them. The majority of dog owners are amiable and will graciously let you pet their pets.

It’s simpler to converse with people inside the gated dog park because most of them are dog lovers. Here are some topics to bring up when talking to dog owners who you have been trying to approach for a while.

  • Can I pet your dog?
  • Who is she called? What is her age?
  • Is he a husky, then?

The dogs are accustomed to being petted by guests in dog cafes like Snoopy Paws, but not in this situation. Be courteous, and the pet owners will likely be happy to let you in.

That would conclude the weekend visit to the Cubbon Dog Park. Going to the dog park on a Sunday can be a completely blissful experience because you get to pet all the dogs and see them running around happily.