Are you looking for something fun to do with your dog this summer when you’re on vacation? If you can’t find a dog sitter or need more advanced care when you’re away, dog boarding facilities might be the best option. Skilled staff can provide your dog with daily training, feedings, and other medicine if you choose the right boarding facility for them.

As some boarding facilities can charge extra for more personal services, such as delivering medicine or walking on a leash, be sure to ask for a price list. We always recommend visiting each boarding facility in advance of your trip to ask about:

  • Food Menu.
  • Bath.
  • Physical Activity.
  • Medication Requirement.
  • Sleeping Facilities.
  • Entry criteria.

Visit the kennel, inquire about their rules, and learn how the animals are taken care of. And have a look at where the dogs are being housed.

Major Red Flags

Beware of popular red flags when you’re trying to find a decent boarding facility for your dog. Dirty kennels or high noise levels would be obvious red flags or people who seem aggressive or uncaring to the animals. Another warning sign is a boarding facility that is unwilling to give you a tour when you walk in. Scheduling the visit might be a red or yellow flag, that they are trying to hide something or willing to show some best facilities or places only. Experts say that it is the morning is the correct time for the visit. Because it is the best chance you as a consumer will have in seeing it at its worst.


Paperwork required by boarding facilities before boarding your pet usually includes:

  • Contact information of the owner.
  • Vaccination records and history.
  • Dog age and medical information
  • Meal instructions
  • Medication
  • Emergency Contact details

It’s a smart idea to do a practice run before your trip until you pick a boarding facility that is perfect for your dog. You will learn how well the unfamiliar setting is treated by your dog and be able to answer any issues before you leave.

Get your pet’s stay more enjoyable at a boarding facility by taking home a familiar toy or two or another reminder. It will be helpful if you take something that smells like you. For them, be excited. Speak confidently and share your joy for them going on their holiday. A dog will reflect your emotions

Important things to be kept in mind before choosing a dog boarding center

Dog Boarding service-Wille's Pet Paradise
  • Look for facilities intended to ease the discomfort of changing the atmosphere of a dog, especially though it is just temporary, dogs often have problems dealing with boarding. Look for a facility like Wille’s Pet Paradise that offers lots of outlets for excess energy and relaxation as well as experiences for socially inclined dogs with workers who exercise the dogs and group play options. Your dog always needs a safe environment whether it is in-home or dog boarding center.
  • To ensure a safe, disinfected facility, inquire about the regime that managers and workers adopt. A clean atmosphere will help ensure that your dog returns home safe and happy.
  • For dogs engaging in group play, inquire to see the policies of the facility on staff monitoring of the dogs. Dogs can not be left unattended during group play at any point, as this can be harmful. To supervise pets in group play, we recommend that you also inquire about the types of teaching personnel needed to complete.
  • Ask for experience and history in animal care for the workers. When issues occur, team members who are experienced in dog behavior, dog handling, and even dog training support, as well-trained staff would know how to cope with problems properly.

In the end, a well-run, well-maintained dog boarding facility that can take care of your dog when on holidays is what everybody needs for their pet. Until you leave your dog, learning what to ask will encourage you to enjoy your time apart and give your dog the outlet he or she needs to thrive before you come back. Wille’s Pet Paradise has the best dog boarding facilities in Bangalore.Well trained Wille’s expert team will treat your pet with full of love and affection.