swimming pool and play area

Swimming the dog is a great game for young and old alike. Swimming is a non-weight bearing activity that avoids all the stresses and strains of hard ground exercises. We welcome any dog and they love it!

During the year our pool is heated to a cool 26 degrees. It is filtered and it has water sanitization controlled by computer. We also check the water regularly by hand and treat it to ensure the best of hygiene.

Our pool is fitted with non-slip ramps that make it easy to reach and exit the pool. We have free buoyancy vests and harnesses for your use.

There is a rinse off area which can be used before or after swimming.

Before you reach the pool your dog needs to be CLEAN.






Swimming pool- Willes Pet Paradise
Play area- Willes pet paradise

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Enjoy the happiness of your pet by creating a wonderful opportunity to enjoy themselves in the play area and pool. Book our services.