Birthday Parties And Small Events

Pup paradise awaits! At The Wille’s, your furry friend chases tail-wagging fun through vibrant playrooms, themed parties & pawsome photo ops! Safe, supervised play with experienced staff. Unleash the fun, build friendships, & watch your pup’s tail become a happiness metronome!

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Stress-Free Dog Days: Playful Parties & Safe Socializing at The Wille's!

The Wille’s, our mantra is to provide your pup with the best day ever! In addition to playroom activities, your dog will enjoy a variety of themed parties and doggie photo ops throughout the year! Dogs are a really big deal around here, so your pup can expect to play, run, learn and rest – and most importantly, they will meet their best friends.

Dogs like to play like dogs! They will run, chase, be chased, grab each other’s necks, fall, bark, trip, pull on each other’s ears, and tumble around. To pet parents, this play could look worrisome, but this is standard dog play! The staff in the playroom will monitor your pup to make sure they are safe and having fun playing with the other dogs in the room. If at any point your dog gets scared or overwhelmed, our staff will intervene.