Dog Cafe

Coffee, canines & cozy vibes! ☕️ Wille’s Dog Cafe wags its tail for you & your pup. Playful pals, comfy couches & sunshine? You got it! We pamper pups with daycare, boarding, spa & training, all in a safe, supervised space. Come unwind, recharge & unleash happy tails together.

Our Services

Unleash Happy Tails & Sip Coffee at Wille's Dog Cafe

If you love dogs, The Wille’s Dog Cafe is about to become your new favorite joint in Bengaluru. Play with pups as you grab your coffee fix, or catch up with friends over lattes, snuggling lap dogs. The Dog Cafe offers a comfortable and friendly space for humans and dogs to hang out with each other, away from overcrowded shelters. We create an exquisite vibe that lifts your dog to a whole new mood. Whether you’re looking for a quick stop or a place to hang out with your dog all day, we’ve got you covered. When the weather is warm, seat yourself on our patio and enjoy the sunshine with your pup.

At The Wille’s, we believe in safe socialization, exercise, and education for your furry child. Our dog-friendly cafe provides the utmost quality care as we separate each dog by size, temperament and promise evaluated, vaccinated dogs in a supervised environment. While our dog-friendly cafe offers dog daycare, boarding, spa services, grooming, and training, our core service is utmost care for your dog.

A cover charges of Rs. 200/- per person is applicable which is redeemable on total bill.

Why Wille's?

Your dog will be taken on several outdoor bathroom breaks, and training time during the day. We also give you the option to arrange extra play and exercise time for your dog in our spacious outdoor or indoor play areas.

If you choose dog boarding with Willes Pet Paradise, our workers will collect specific details about your pet to ensure proper treatment and to replicate their home environment as closely as possible. We’ll inquire about

  • Feeding habits and preferences.
  • Health history and drugs.
  • How your dog connects with other dogs.
  • What makes your dog happy or upset.

Our team were qualified to ensure your dog gets the best possible dog boarding experience. Our boarding staff will track your pup ‘s wellbeing and keep records of their stay. We regularly have fresh water and feed your luxury dog pet food. If chosen, we also require owners to carry dog food from home in pre-measured and pre-marked baggies.

When you choose dog boarding with Willes Pet Paradise, you can be assured that our qualified dog boarding staff will treat your pup with personal attention, outstanding treatment and lots of love.