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lay, learn, grow! Unleash your pup’s potential at Wille’s Dog Club. Supervised playtime, brain games, & expert coaching in a safe, fun environment. Shop curated treats & get expert doggo advice.

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Busy Owner, Happy Pup: Wille's Dog Club - Your One-Stop Shop for Play, Care & Advice!

Wille’s dog club membership is a program for busy dog owners that want to teach their dogs better social behavior, make friends, have supervised playtime for their dogs, and have a nice social environment for them. Are you the owner of a fantastic dog and dream about being with your best friend no matter you are at home or the park? Let them play and enjoy their time. We understand what it is like to want to be the best dog owner you can be! You no longer have to worry as we have researched for you, so now it’s easy to be a great dog owner and easy to access the information you need. An information hub for dog wellness including food and nutrition, supplements, relationship, and grooming. A store where we have made all the important decisions for you, where you can buy the best treats available on the market as well as a range of health and skincare products.

At The Wille’s, dogs don’t just play but they learn. We coach all dogs on every visit to ensure they live up to their full potential. They learn how to behave in social situations and be more comfortable around new dogs and new people. Our Canine coaches provide quality care through full hours of open play with brain games to improve behaviour and manners and keep dogs engaged. Every Canine Coach is educated on canine body language, managing dogs in open play, special considerations of dogs in the playroom, preventing scuffles, and much, much more!