Pet Taxi Service in Bangalore

Pamper your pup without breaking the bank! Book our Bangalore-wide pet taxi for a stress-free trip to Willes Pet Paradise at budget-friendly prices. Ditch the car woes, dog lovers, and let your furry friend enjoy a VIP ride to paradise! ✨

Our Services

How Does The Pet Taxi Service Work?

Well you see, we’ve got vehicles of pet boarding specially modified and made to board pets and dogs and most animals. Utilizing these vehicles of transportation and our experience of doing the same has allowed us to come up with a system that can taxi pets from most homes in Bangalore and into Willes Pet Paradise.

The vehicles are mostly vans or pickups, but you might see jeeps and normal cars as well depending on the situation but in any case, we’ll have drivers who have experience in smooth handling of both cars and pets manning the vehicle and the vehicle itself will be adjusted to ensure that your pups are safe, sounds and having the best ride of their lives!

Give us a call and we’ll quote you a rate on the pet taxi service, then let us know the details such as Google location in Bangalore and whether you want a round trip or not. The rates will of course depend on the distance and pet count.

Dog lovers may sometimes want their pups and pets to enjoy a ride in a car and may opt for a longer route.

Dog lovers may even suggest a specific route all the way from their home, through great spots in Bangalore, and finally to Willes Pet Paradise. Particular times like during sunset is our recommendation, wouldn’t your dog love a sunset drive?

Once the details are finalized and set in stone, we’ll quote you the best rates and then we’ll come to pick up your dog at the agreed-upon time and location.

Our rates may also depend on the rush and traffic we face or the pet count in a carpool ride, nonetheless, you can always rely on the service to provide a fun and safe trip to your dog without spending too much on your pet care budget.

What Happens During The Ride?

We have to talk about safety first, beauce you know “Safety First!”

As much as dogs love to look out the window with their tongues out, they’d have to be safely secured with fastened seat belts and make appropriate seat adjustments.

Hygiene levels must be maintained with solutions like byotrol that keep away the microorganisms that cause illnesses to your pets.

Our staff may also accompany the dog and engage with them socially to keep them entertained throughout the ride.

What Awaits Your Dog At The Destination?

Willes Pet Paradise! Where There is no shortage of fun and excitement for both the dogs and dog lovers, due to the range of activities we have over here but mostly because of a dog lover community that we have been able to create.

What awaits your precious pups? Dog pools, dog parks, grooming in a spa, and for the owners a dog cafe too!

You’ll get your dogs back at the decided-upon return time, but rest assured they’ll be coming back to you refreshed and full of life🐕