Swimming Pool and Play Area

Paws tired? Take a dip! Our indoor dog pool provides year-round fun & fitness. Build muscle, chill out, and wash away stress—all while splashing in a safe, warm environment. Happy pup, happy life!

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Healthy & Happy Pups: Exercise, Relaxation, & Stress Relief - All in One Pool!

Swimming is a great form of exercise that has been used for centuries by humans because of the healing effects of water on the body. The physiological, as well as emotional changes we experience when we enter into a warm body of water, are almost immediate (think about sitting in your hot tub after a long day of work). Water helps to decrease stress levels, create a sense of freedom of movement you may not be able to experience on land, increase circulation and strengthen muscles without stress on your joints. If water is beneficial to humans and their quality of life, why can’t we pass this on to our dogs as well? The facility is a safe indoor environment for your dog to jump and play in the water year-round. After playing, swimming, and getting tired out, they can be washed and dried, ready to go back home for a good night’s sleep.

Pool Charges: ₹ 300/- per session per dog

*All prices inclusive of GST
Swimming Pool and Play Area

Terms and conditions:

  • For pets taking their first swimming session, please get in touch with our crew for assisted swimming. This will help the pet get accustomed in pool.
  • To maintain cleanliness of the pool, pets will not be allowed to move in and out of the pool compound and play area.
  • To avoid any accidents, please do not throw your pets in the pool.
  • Swimming pool is for pets only.
  • We provide complimentary swimming pool for membership packages.